With the holidays looming it’s hard keeping kids entertained during weekends and holidays, and often these things cost a lot of money…

Here’s some free trips out to which will keep little ones busy.

  1. Fish – Aquariums have been a great way to entertain children (and adults!)  for years, but often they come at a great cost; a good replacement for these are fish shops. These often have a large array of fish and sometimes even crabs and reptils. They sometimes have fish at garden centers, but it’s definitely worth looking on the internet for places around you.


2. Pets – Pet shops are another great way to fill free time with kids. You can looat the animals without actually needing to buy anything. You can see creatures from Lizards to Hamsters to Chinchillas to Tarantulas.


3. Walks – Walks are good for filling time as well exercising,  and there is a large variety of places where you can go. You could go to feed the ducks, blackberry picking or just for an explore and adventure!


4. Museums – These are often free and they’re educational as well as entertaining; lots have children’s activities and quizzes. There’s also discovery centers which sometimes have gardens as well.


5. Local events – Theses happen very often are fun ways to fill an afternoon. For example, open days, fêtes and dog shows. Just check online and in your local newspaper and it should list things going on in your area!


I hope this was helpful and you’ve got some new ways to fill up your kids days!