Box rooms tend to feel pokey and cluttered and there’s a fine line between a small room looking nice and cluttered. So here’s my best tips for making the most out of them…

  • One key thing with box rooms is the colour walls. If you want your room to have a dark/ strong colour theme then painting the walls a pale colour (light grey, white or magnolia) is ideal because it makes your room feel much bigger. Add the colours you want to use through pictures, cushions and ornaments.


  • Mirrors are absolutely brilliant for small rooms because they make the room feel so much larger as the reflect space about. You could use mirrored picture frames, lamps and ornaments. Using wardrobes with mirrored doors are also a brilliant idea. These can also add more light to a small room, which also makes them feel larger.


  • The furniture you use in a room can make all the difference, so in a small room this is key. Using taller and thinner units make better use for the space. It also helps using light coloured furniture to make the room look as big as possible.


  • Storage can be difficult in a box room so a great idea is stacking boxes on top off your wardrobe. Another good idea is under bed storage, so when buying a bed make sure you buy one with drawers. You could also put plastic drawers in the bottom of your wardrobe!


I hope you have found this helpful in some way!