Designing a room is easy enough, but making it look fantastic can be difficult…

So here’s my best decor suggestions and ideas for making  your house look one step ahead of everyone else.

Personality – We all want a room which is personal to us and our tastes, rather than being impersonal and hotel-room like; so by injecting bits of you, you can make it a room of your own.  You can do this filling your home with photos, keepsakes and souvenirs to make your room fit your own tastes and memories.


Light – Having a dark room can be frustrating, light creates the impression of a bigger room, and who doesn’t want that? This can be done in various ways, such as having lots of lamps (you could also use natural light, light bulbs to strain your eyes less), or my putting mirrors around the room to reflect light, you can use things such ad mirrored picture frames and accessories to reflect light in a less obvious way.

Dark Room

Colours – Contrasting colours can look fantastic in a room but using too many can be fatal for a rooms decor. Make sure you don’t use to many different colours; stick to two or three and then add neutral and monochrome colours. If the colour you want to use on your walls  is particularly bright you could try using in accessories only, or on a feature wall. If you want to make a room feel bigger, then using light colours is a great way of doing so!


Life – Having life in a room is crucial to making your house feel alive. This is achieved by putting plants around each room. Personally I like desert plants (such as Aloe Vera, Cacti and Succulents), because you don’t have to remember to water them as much, but plants like orchids, roses and  indoor trees can look great too. If you can’t be bothered to keep real plants or you want to put a plant in a conservatory, keeping fake ones is a great idea for bringing life to a room, without having the responsibility of caring for one.


Arranging – Making arrangements of things look right seems to go wrong a lot! My top tip for this is always put things in odd numbers – things look best in groups of 3’s and 5’s. It also helps if your items are different in shape, height and colour, so they don’t all blend in together.