Succulents... Cover

Recently I purchased some succulents to refresh my bedroom, and when it came to potting them I searched the internet and social media for ideas…

I discovered many new and inventive ways to keep them. Here’s a few that you could try!

For my succulents, I put them in pots I already owned. I purchased the black and white ‘pot’ from Tiger, though it was labelled as a (handle-less) mug. I moved the plant from the original pot into the mug and put shingle around it. The turquoise ‘pot’ is the bottom of a trinket pot – also from Tiger. I collected some shingle from the garden and put it round the plant as well. Unfortunately I don’t now there the purple jar is from (as it was a gift) all I did with it was put its original pot in the jar. The cacti is still in its original pot.

A great idea for potting succulents is putting ones of all different shapes sizes and colours  into a bowl all together and the placing shingle, rocks and shells around them. The shingle helps to stop the plants from growing as well as looking in keeping with the plants.


There is loads of other ways of keeping succulent; such as in a terrariums, tea cups, tins, bowls or vases. So get creative!