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Free Days out with Kids

With the holidays looming it’s hard keeping kids entertained during weekends and holidays, and often these things cost a lot of money…

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The Knitting and Stitching Show 2016


Today I went on a trip to Alexandra Palace to visit ‘The Knitting and Stitching Show 2016’. I really enjoyed it, and would defiantly recommend it to anyone who likes craft activities. So here’s a bit about it and some pictures from my day…

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Autumn is Here


Berries and acorns and apples fill our countryside, and leaves crunch beneath our feet. Autumn is here…

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Golden Syrup Flapjacks



Here’s my delicious recipe for golden syrup flapjacks…

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Chocolate Honeycomb Brownies


Here’s my recipe for perfect honeycomb brownies…

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Making a Room Unique


A room which is quirky, unique and has personality makes the room yours; so here’s my tips for making yours that bit more special…

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Washing Makeup Brushes


Makeup brushes tend to get full of product and lose their softness and effectiveness and cleaning them isn’t always the first idea that crosses your mind…

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Box Rooms


Box rooms tend to feel pokey and cluttered and there’s a fine line between a small room looking nice and cluttered. So here’s my best tips for making the most out of them…

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A Walk Through Wonders



What a perfect day for a walk in the country…

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